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  • Jim starts the conversation regarding the transgression from law agents when criminalizing actions that are not committed with malice, and do not affect anybody. His guests, Jamison Arend and Thomas G, debate on the crimes of marijuana, liberty, natural law and legislation.
  • Jim and his guest, Jameson, talk about Civil Liberties, and explain how so many people, average people, have been lied to, and brain washed since they were children. They discuss how the law is sort of useless, and the effect on community because of corruption.
  • Our special guest, Jamison Arend, talks about the legal standpoint of cannabis, and the unreasonable policies to ban this type of products in a country founded on the concept of liberty. In this episode, they talk about civil rights and mens rea in cases involving marijuana.
  • Jim, Jerry, and Stef discuss recent hemp-related news, including recent studies showing marijuana use reducing consumption of opioids in patients with chronic pain, a very important topic especially during the current opioid addiction epidemic in the country.
  • Jim, Jerry, and Stef talk about the hemp side of farming, from the testing and preparation of the soil and seed, through the growing for creating a top-quality product that can help people. They also discuss the significance of minority groups involved in the agricultural field.

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